Philippi Trust

The organization Philippi Trust must be applauded for taking 60 kids of Zusakhe into the mountains of Grabouw for training and counselling. They also took 60 kids there last year. There they deal with the most secret of problems these kids have to face. Some have been sexually abused by their parents, others are HIV infected, others are orphaned, and have nobody to talk and relate to. We pray for this coming camp, that it may bind new strangers together for life. If anyone wishes to adopt a child or a home, do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you every step of the way how to do this. Do not be afraid to go into a relationship with one child. It is better than giving food to every Dick, Tom and Harry that knocks on your door. At least here you know whom you are giving of yourself to. 14 may 2009.