To reach out to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the communities of Doornbach and Dunoon by networking with other organizations.

Our Mission


  • To raise an awareness of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases through workshops and campaigns in the community. 
  • To build strong relationships through confidential counseling and encourage the promotion of  ARV treatment support as well as V.C.T. (Volunteer Counseling and Testing) in the community, which will lead to disclosure and acceptance as well as positive living.

Kids and Teenagers

  • To provide basic educational development and life orientated activities (like drama, music and sport) for small kids as well as teenagers.

Home Base Care Workers/ Support Group

  • To build effective support groups that will holistically address people in distress and encourage a healthy empowered community through training, placement, supervision and mentorship.
  • To give them skills training and development to foster personal values and morals.
  • To create a sustainable income for families suffering from HIV/AIDS .
  • To supply the sick and needy with healthy food.
  • To create a culture of self sufficiency and self reliance.