Basil starts the Tour d'Afrique

Basil help a Masai up a hill.With preperation for the TDA to leave Arusha in Tanzanaia on Sunday 16 March Basil Heald helps Tanzanian Masai cyclist to get to the top of the hill during his exploration in Arusha The Masai cyclist's bike has no gears and the geststure was well recieved.

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Basil on bicycle

Read all about the Tour d'Afrique here. We have Basil Heald from St Matthews Church in Table View riding for us. You can follow his progress on the map below as well as see on the barometer how much money he is helping us to raise for our needs here at Zusakhe.

Latest News! The Tour d'Afrique Foundation has already donated 15 bicycles to Zusakhe! We are very excited about this and can't wait for them to arrive so that our ladies can be mobile. Our barometer has also started moving!

Basil says: "I will be cycling the 6 300 from Tanzania to Cape Town between March and May 2008 which is organized by Tour d'Afrique. My dream to cross part of the African continent on a bicycle will be fulfilled in this epic adventure bicycle ride of my life

The physical and mental challenges of this cycle tour will be a worthy test of my determination and perseverance to complete the journey to Cape Town. These challenges will be character molding and will reward me with scenes of unsurpassed splendor and an incomparable feeling of accomplishment. I look forward to sharing my creative view of Africa captured digitally on my return

BarometerWe are relational beings and I look forward to experiencing the diversity of cultures of the fifty cyclist from other continents mixed with the hospitality and customs of the African countries we will be passing through. It’s about communing with people and creation with the positive forward momentum of becoming one with the bike.

As a director of 'Bicycle Empowerment Network' (BEN) I will be demonstrating bicycle advocacy as a feasible sustainable alternative mode of transport in Africa

The humor in the expression 'Doing something good while having fun' speaks of being content with pushing pedals in Africa knowing that each kilometer completed will make a difference to some families suffering from HIV/aids at the Zusakhe community care centre near Cape Town."

Basil also featured in the March and May issues of the Premier of the Western Cape's Newsletter called Home Talk.

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Country start
City start
Contry End
City End
Distance (km)
Start Date
End Date
Snows of Kilimanjaro
11 Mar
22 Mar
Malawi Gin
24 Mar
02 Apr
Zambezi Zone
Victoria Falls
04 Apr
12 Apr
Elephant Highway
Zambia via Botswana
Victoria Falls
15 Apr
25 Apr
Diamond Coast
South Africa
Cape Town
28 Apr
10 May


Great News all! Basil is home and looking great. He is very upbeat about the trip and has really had a great time. More to follow later.

Hi All

Just to say that Im in Windhoek Namibia My health is fine but am very exhausted as we covered 800km in 5 days and I need time to recover fortunately we have 2 days rest this will provide an opertunity for relaxing and a bit of change in nutrition as we dont have the pressure to eat and spend 7 hours on the saddle.

Namibia looks dry and bushy with very long distances between coke stops I have listened to the ipod's play list which keeps me going when it is very hot The mornings are extreemely cold here and a battle to get going So I have bought a track suit to sleep in

I look forward to seeing you all it is just 12 riding days left to reach Cape Town

As we get closer to home I see somuch more of South Africa's influence in Namibia and with it comes a few comforts like hot showers and a variety of food to sellect from

To day I had my first true filter coffee and over dosed from cafeine after the 4 th cup
as I have not had that for the past 2 months

To day I attended the cerimony where 68 bikes where given to various health related workers in Windhoek and met the BEN counter part Michael and shared ideas including a bicycle ambulance to get paitients to clinics. He shared some stories on how snake bite victims lives have been saved by the bicycle ambulance mode of transport in the rural areas.

I have managed to kreep into many cyclist circle of acceptance because I can provide them with info about Cape Town or provide relaxing guitar music after a hard days cycling Even the film crew have capture a few of my spontaneous performances.

Wow just to think of this I am living my African dream Cycling, Music, People from 14 different countries educating me by sharing their views on the Cycle Tour. Yes Im making the best of every minute I have have  left. But I cant help feeling incomplete with out my Maus family and extended family including David, Jamse and St Matthews and others.............
Love you all lots


Hi All
Im Safely in Maun Botswana
Having a good rest day and letting my butt have a rest from the saddle
Servicing the bike and doing laundary
Im having a great time doing what I am passionate about Bicycling

Ill be doing a plane flight over the Okovango Delta this afternoon

Next long section to Windhoek over next 5 days

Hi all
Im at Victoria Falls Zambia
I had a great 150 km ride into Victoria doing Bicycle ballet dogeing the potholes in the tar road
Teusday we will be leaving to cross the
Botswana Border on Teusday
Yippee 2 days rest camp to do washing and get bike organised
The more south we go the more SA products and flush toilets we get
It has made me aware of the things we take for granted

Hi folks
Im in Lusaka - Zambia
Longest day was 195 km with rollers hills Rest day and trying to get some alternative food in the city Much enery is needed for each day The tou group are even more enthusiastic than me about cycling So I have some thing to live up to

Keep Well

"Made it to lilongwe- Malawi from arusha Tanzania which had corregated dust roads to give you that Brrrrr... feeling!

Malawi roads are tared and faster but the distance increases each day I have hade one day of diarhea and have managed to cycle most of the way at times the body has not recovered and I take the afternoon of to prevent geting sick as the other 60 cyclist have all been fatigued by being on the road so long.

I am enjoying the peoples company in the group and have made an effort to get in touch with the locals who are very amused at our cycle kit.

My conclusion so far is; Africa is VERY BIG and has lots of people.

Thanks for your support and encouragements It helps me push the pedals around on more time Zambia border crossing tomorrow love to all and be in touch next rest day